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Locating your Mayo ancestral graves

An integral part of genealogical research is  locating the grave of an ancestor. We find that this part of ancestral research can be most revealing, as it can confirm family relationships and information not available from other sources.
We have a number of valuable resources at our disposal to enable us to locate the grave of an ancestor, including burial records and headstone transcripts from 116 graveyards in Co. Mayo. The majority of inscribed headstones in Co. Mayo date from the 1930s onwards. Prior to this, headstones were very expensive to commission, and earlier headstones were either the preserve of wealthier families or were paid for by family members overseas. In the vast majority of cases where an inscription exists, it will be found. In the absence of a headstone, it can be very difficult to locate an individual grave. However, it is usually possible to be fairly certain of the correct graveyard..
Once a grave is located, maps, directions, and possibly an image of the headstone are furnished to the client. It is worth noting that all correspondence with our researchers can be done remotely, especially beneficial if attempting to locate the grave of an ancestor from abroad.  
Our clients admit that finding the grave of an ancestor is a fulfilling part of their family history journey, however ……..there is always more to be discovered!

A hand drawn map of one of Mayo's 116 graveyards. The numbers correspond to a list of names of those interred there. It's one of a number of resources held by the North Mayo Heritage Centre that can help you in your quest.

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