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Find your Mayo ancestral homestead

One of the most common requests from visitors availing of our service is how to trace the family farm or the old homestead. Locating the old homestead is often the most satisfying aspect of genealogical research.
In the majority of cases we can locate the townland of origin of the ancestors.

Records such as censuses, land records, birth, death & marriage records, and a host of other local records, enable us to learn a lot about the individuals who lived there.
These records may be of sufficient detail to allow us to be very geographically specific and this, coupled with our extensive knowledge of the local area, can enable us to pinpoint an ancestral home.

Assisted by modern imaging techniques, we can usually determine the exact location in modern times also.

Once the location is determined, one of the following scenarios is usually the case.

  • The old homestead may be modernised (and may even have present-day relatives residing there). 

  •  It may be under non family ownership.

  • The buildings of the era may be demolished completely. 

  •  The building may now be converted to sheds for farm animals. 

  • The building may now be a ruin. 

Hence, it is more the location than the building that is often identified.
When available, maps and directions and present-day images will be provided to the client.
Our terms of service do not extend to putting clients in direct contact with potential living relatives. It is important to respect the privacy of such people.
It is also important to bear in mind, if visiting a location, to always respect the rights of property owners, beware of animals and always ask permission before entering onto private property.
It is worth noting, particularly if researching from abroad, that all correspondence can be done remotely and maps, images and a link to google street view can be sent electronically. Our clients agree that this is a great alternative when visiting the area is not possible or probable.

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