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Community Education

Enrollment Now Closed

This 8 week course will be delivered in two modules. Each module lasting four weeks.

Module 1 will start on Saturday 4th June
Module 2 will start on Saturday 2nd July

Gardening Course 2022.png

This full course will cover the following topics;

Growing a range of vegetables, fruit, herbs and edible flowers
Soil suitability for growing vegetables, fruit and herbs
Preparing ground for vegetables, fruit and herbs
Compost, manure and fertilisers
Common pests and diseases
Weed identification and control
How to maintain vegetables, fruit and herbs

Pest protection and weather protection

Watering and feeding of seedlings, plants and in polytunnels

How and when to harvest and how to store vegetables, fruit and herbs

Seed saving and its importance

Safety, tools and garden hygiene

Garden structures and supports for vegetables, and fruit

How to make a compost heap - what to put in them and how they should be used

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The course will be delivered by the staff of The North Mayo Heritage Centre every Saturday morning from 10am until 2pm and funded through the Community Education Programme of the MSLETB.
All equipment and seeds and plants will be provided and you take home what you grow at the end of the course.

To enroll please visit the North Mayo Heritage Centre on Saturday 28th May between 12.00noon and 2pm

Numbers are limited and you must be over 18 years old.

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