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Your family history in a bound volume

A lasting gift for your family and a legacy for future generations

Our family history experts have access to hundreds of thousands of historical records. 
We can conduct detailed research and compile your family history into a bound volume. A beautiful gift for future generations.
These bound volumes include facsimile copies of  the documents we uncover about your family, census returns, ships' manifests, detailed local maps, clippings from the local press about your ancestors and much more.

Why not get in touch and see if we can help you find your family’s roots?

(The accompanying illustration is an indication of some of the contents of a typical family history report but is for demonstration purposes only. The people, place names, events and dates set out in this report are fictitious and bear no similarity to actual people or events. Any such similarity is unintended.)

NMHC Bound Family History.png

Our bound family history reports combine the research we have done on your behalf including, documents, maps with detailed locations of homesteads and graves etc, newspaper cuttings, court reports and ships' manifests, into an elegant volume. You can purchase as many additional copies as you wish. It's a gift your family will treasure down the generations.

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